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Chairman's Message

Shri. Somani Laxmikant GShri. Somani Laxmikant G.,
Chairman, LMC,
D.H.B. Soni College, Solapur.


“We aim to operate to the highest standards in all we do”
Ever since its inception, Our College has endeavored towards creating young and dynamic software professionals who will form the crux of the technical workforce of tomorrow. We have created a disciplined environment that at the same time provides each individual with the creative freedom to think out of the box. Our highly qualified faculty, rigorous academic programs and vibrant atmosphere provide the perfect place for every student to develop an unending pool of talent and positive attitude.

I am convinced that every student passing out of our College will leave their undefined mark of success in whichever sphere of life they choose to work and I hope that their hunger to do well for the benefit of the human race only increases with their success in life.

It is our Endeavor to provide high quality technical and professional education to our students so that they may excel in any area they opt for their professional career. Besides academic curriculum, we focus on the personality development and communication skill of our students for their intellectual growth. We invite all the inquisitive minds with creativity, imagination, willingness for hard work and above all commitment to serve the society to join us and thus we wait to welcome our new entrants to this college.

Local Management Committee

Photo Name Education Post
Shri. Somani Laxmikant G. 1. Shri. Somani Laxmikant G.  B.E. (Prod.) Chairman
2. Shri. Bhandari Anand S.  B.E. (Elec.) Secretary
Shri. Karva Madhusudan S. 3. Shri. Karva Madhusudan S.  B.Com. Joint Secretary
Shri. Bhattad Sachin S. 4. Shri. Bhattad Sachin S. FCA,ISA,FAFP,IP Member
Shri. Malu Satish B. 5. Shri. Malu Satish B. M.B.A. Member
Shri. Jakhotiya Jawahar M. 6. Shri. Jakhotiya Jawahar M.  B.E. (Mech.) Member
Dr. Harkut Girish R. 7. Dr. Harkut Girish R.  MS (ENT), ENT Surgeon Member
Shri. Bidada Anilkumar 8. Shri. Bidada Anilkumar B. D.E.T.E., D.I.E. Member
9. Smt. Karva Nandaji V. M.A. (Hindi) Trust Representative
Shri. Maheshwari Sunil K. 10. Shri. Maheshwari Sunil K.  C.A. Special Invitee
Shri. Bang Vasudeo R. 11. Shri. Bang Vasudeo R. B.E. (Poly) Special Invitee