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Curricular Activities

A well designed curriculum aimed at excellent academic performance and overall development of the students is implemented with total commitment.

Active Lectures: Well prepared lectures are being delivered by the teachers with the help of appropriate audio visual aids that not only holds the attention of the students, but also promotes critical thinking.

Demonstrations: Demonstrations are conducted in the well-equipped laboratories by the subject experts. It is also ensured that adequate time for practice and return demonstration is provided so that they master the required skills before it is practised in the clinical setting.

Group Discussion: As this method provides active student participation and better understanding, it is used frequently especially in the clinical setting by the teachers. Teacher gets the opportunity to explore the hidden talents of the students which in turn motivates them to take the lead role in the learning process.

Project: Projects give the students an opportunity to show case their creativity while applying theoretical knowledge in the practical situation. It also helps them to develop team spirit and gives an opportunity to work towards the attainment of a common goal. It is ensured that at least one project is undertaken by the students of every batch.

Seminar and Symposia: Seminar and Symposia are conducted on various important topics in the subjects of study to reinforce the learning. Eminent resource persons are invited to deliver guest lectures too.

Field / Educational Visits: A number of field trips/ educational visits are planned and arranged as per the curricular requirements and learning objectives. It helps them to get firsthand experience in the natural settings.